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Waste Policy & Strategy Development

Effective policy development takes into account the complex interactions between social, political, environmental, technical and economic aspects of sustainable resource management.   Successful strategy development takes high level policies, translates them into local policies and targets and then maps out how to move from the current position and deliver the strategic outcomes.  However both rely on evidence-based decision-making to deliver realistic and practical results.


Nigel’s experience on a wide range of high profile projects means he has the ability to  balance technical information with stakeholder views and opinions (both political and emotional) to develop practical, deliverable, cost-effective solutions at the government, local authority and business level.

Policy and strategy project experience

Defra – Analysis of Potential Re-alignment and Harmonisation of Particular Waste Definitions in Europe

Environmental Protection Agency, New South Wales, Australia Development of waste strategy development guidance

Thames Tideway Tunnel – Development of Excavated Material and Waste Strategy and Excavated Material Options Appraisal

Derbyshire Waste Partnership – Waste Strategy Development and Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)

Defra – Understanding current management arrangements for Schedule 2 Waste

Sustainability Development Commission, Wales – Peer Review of Scoping New Municipal Waste Targets for Wales

Hertfordshire Waste Partnership – Developing Hertfordshire’s Waste & Street Scene Services.

Merseyside Waste Disposal Authority – Issue and Options Study including SEA

Be Birmingham - Total Waste Strategy

Cheshire County Council – Review of the Joint Household Waste Management Strategy and SEA

Cambridge County Council – RECAP Waste Strategy Review

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