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Waste Data - Management & Analysis

As waste management practices evolve to recognise waste as a vital resource these changes in practices increase the complexity of the waste management systems.  This increasing complexity also increases the need for good access to data and its consistent collection, to allow evidence-based decision-making.  Nigel has a wealth of experience on projects related to obtaining and analysing waste management data, which means he: 

  • understands the different data sets available and their limitations;
  • can identify the most appropriate data in a given situation; and
  • interpret and translate data into meaningful and accessible information.

Waste data project experience

Defra – Methodology to Estimate Waste Generation by the Commercial and Industrial Sector in England.

Defra – WasteDataFlow, the UK’s quarterly web-based survey of local authority waste management/recycling data since 2004, as either Project/Technical Director or Project Manager.

York & North Yorkshire Waste Partnership Waste Strategy Performance Assessment, which reviewed and benchmarked the performance of the county strategy at a collection authority level.

Stroud District Council – Gloucestershire High Level Waste Capacity Needs Assessment, to review the need for the proposed Energy from Waste Facility at Javelin Park.

Birmingham City Council – Waste Capacity Study, which provided the technical evidence base for the Birmingham Core Strategy Preferred Option.  The study was updated in 2014 to support the examination in public of the Birmingham Development Plan

Defra – Understanding current management arrangements for Schedule 2 Waste, which included quantifying the amount of waste collected from Schedule 2 properties in England and Wales by both local authorities and commercial operators.

Defra – Appraisal of the Waste Data Strategy, which assessed the proposed Waste Data Strategy against existing systems in order to develop a robust business case.

Defra, Hazardous Waste Forum – Capacity needs assessment.

GLA – Technical Assessment for Waste Management in London, an assessment of waste arisings by municipal, C&I and CD&E waste streams, future trends, facilities and capacity need in London.

Envirolink North West – Recycling and Waste Sector North West Market Study, which included an assessment of regional waste arisings for MSW, C&I, C&D and hazardous waste in the Northwest of England.

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