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Hazardous Waste Classification & Management

The effective management of hazardous waste relies on the ability to correctly classify a waste and then be able to identify the most appropriate management method.  Throughout his career, Nigel has been at the heart of national policy and guidance on the classification and management of hazardous waste. 

Hazardous waste project experience

Australian Department of the Environment – Peer Review of the hazardous waste infrastructure needs and capacity assessment

LWARB – Review of London-wide hazardous waste collection contract

Zero Waste Scotland/ SEPA – Scoping study investigating options for an electronic system to ensure traceability and control of special waste in Scotland from production to final destination

Environmental Protection Agency Ireland – Assessment of the technical and economic aspects of developing a National Difficult Waste Facility.

Defra – Development of guidance on the kerbside collection of household hazardous waste

Environmental Protection Agency, Ireland – Assessment of the classification of treated timber waste using the UK Technical Guidance WM2

Confidential Client – Assessment of the hazardous waste market following the ban on co-disposal

SNIFFER – Laboratory Based Evaluation of Test Methods for Field Based Detection of Hazardous Wastes.

Defra, Hazardous Waste Forum – Capacity needs assessment

Defra – Review of exemptions from Waste Management Licensing Regulations for hazardous waste, including recommending amendments to the exemptions

Environment Agency – Development of the Technical Guidance for the Classification of Hazardous Waste (WM2), Lead author

Environment Agency – Expert advice on the adequacy of a description for consignments of special waste

Solicitor (Confidential) – Expert advice on the classification of certain hard metal residue wastes under the Waste Shipment Regulations

Minosus – PPC Permit Application for the underground hazardous waste facility at the Winsford Rock Salt mine, including the development of unique waste acceptance criteria for the underground storage of waste

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